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Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Bringing humble ingredients to life

It’s amazing to see how people with the same ingredients can concoct unique and varied creations. The capacity for learning and pushing thinking can be a competitive advantage for individuals and companies as it helps challenge the status quo to find new and exciting ways of doing things.


“It was such a surprise to be able to make something so delicious from the ingredients I’d been asked to buy for the workshop. Seriously, I always have these in my cupboard and would never have gotten there on my own."

In this course 

  • A computer

  • Internet connection

  • Sourcing ingredients (spices can be provided)

  • £350 (excluding VAT)

Participant Size

  • Up to 20 people. Let's chat if you want to add more participants

  • All sessions are hosted on Zoom

  • You will be sent an ingredients list, recipe card, and equipment list

  • Every class is live so your team can dial in from anywhere around the world

  • Each culinary experience will be private to your group, so we got at your pace with lots of times for questions along the way

  • Classes are typically between 1- 2.5hrs (bespoke options available)

  • The culinary experiences are designed to be versatile to suit all abilities

  • I cook alongside you, watching and coaching you all the way

  • All allergies and dietary requirements are catered for and will be discussed in advance

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