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What you Need

What you Need

All I Want for Christmas is Yule!

From summer puddings to winter crumbles, baking is a brilliant way to connect with the seasons & the people around you. As Christmas approaches, this relaxed session will bring your team festive cheer with a classic chocolate yule log. Expect to learn something new, laugh with your colleagues, and love the treat you've made at the end!

 "What a wonderful baking class and a fun team building activity. As a complete novice to baking, Sheel did a great job of making it easy to follow along, and somehow managed to guide us all to baking a rather impressive yule log. She had the patience of a saint as some of us burnt chocolate but it all added to just having a fun happy experience. Bravo!"

In this Course

  • All sessions are hosted on Zoom

  • You will be sent an ingredients list, recipe card, and equipment list

  • Every class is live so your team can dial in from anywhere around the world

  • Each culinary experience will be private to your group, so we got at your pace with lots of times for questions along the way

  • Classes are typically between 1- 2.5hrs (bespoke options available)

  • The culinary experiences are designed to be versatile to suit all abilities

  • I cook alongside you, watching and coaching you all the way

  • All allergies and dietary requirements are catered for and will be discussed in advance

  • A computer

  • Internet connection

  • Sourcing (some) ingredients

  • £350 (excluding VAT)

  • Additional extras: Can provide and deliver baking tray/cake decorations at an additional cost.

Participant Size

  • Up to 20 people. Let's chat if you want to add more participants

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